At 20, Amazon continues to defy predictions -

Improbably, Ballmer's prognostication coincided with the exact bottom of Amazon's fortunes. Since he spoke, the stock has risen 42 percent on rebounding revenue growth and even some meager quarterly profits. In its cloud services unit, Amazon Web Services, a Google-initiated price war actually boosted Amazon's fortunes by pushing more chief information officers to take a look at the public cloud, in which Amazon offers the most comprehensive mix of services. AWS is now set to bring in around $5 billion in 2015, with a healthy 17 percent operating margin. It looks, in other words, very much like a real business.

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Nigeria: The Cost of Lassa Fever

  1. Kwame Insaidoo, executive director of United Block Association, and his wife, Roxanna Pearson, face corruption charges for allegedly using these funds to pay their mortgage and buy a "late-model luxury sedan," among other personal expenses, from 2008
  2. To some others, it's just a conspiracy theory, invented by certain professionals to siphon money or as a form of punishment by God towards bad people. But to a nursing . So the staff in the Centre had to contribute money just to buy the blood and
  3. I detailed all the ways that Gore was clearly more liberal than Bush, and thus an acceptable choice for Democratic voters, but he didn't buy it. He said that Gore was merely Bush lite, that Democratic voters needed some place David Leland, Ohio's
  4. The Silk Road was a "Dark Net" website where buyers could log on and buy just about any illegal drug. It operated from He then proceeded to lock some of the site's biggest drug dealers out of their accounts—and siphon about 20,000 bitcoins from them.
  5. Exclusive: Because he had commanded Allied forces in World War II, President Eisenhower understood the excesses of the war industry and warned Americans about the dangers of the military-industrial complex, a force that continues to siphon off tens of 

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