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In the news, Nigeria is being schooled by South Africa as it plans to adopt South Africa’s highly controversial, 3-year stalled road use toll-tax. But as can be expected, unlike South Africa, Nigeria did not first revamp its roads before trying to tax the citizens for the “charity.”

Adekunle Oyinloye, Managing Director of The Infrastructure Bank (TIB), announced the proposed tax system in Abuja last Wednesday at the opening of the “Tolled Roads and Road Management: A Sustainable Approach” training which collaborates with South Africa’s Development Bank.

Unlike Nigeria, South Africa’s government first paid for massive upgrades to its road network, accruing more than $2 billion in debt before hosting the 2010 Johannesburg World cup. Despite upgrading the roads ahead of any plans to initiate a toll, the institution of the tolls has been blocked by heavy opposition and protests from South African worker unions and other groups to date.

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What you need to know about Maine's upcoming elections

  1. Russia cut off flows to Ukraine in June citing unpaid bills, and the EU, which depends on supplies via Ukraine to meet about 15 percent of its demand, has been trying to broker a deal to get them resumed. Russia wants Ukraine to settle part of its debt
  2. His presence could siphon some arch-conservative voters — especially those with strong gun-rights positions — away from Poliquin. The Issues: Cain and Poliquin don't agree on much. Social issues, like abortion and same-sex marriage, will likely
  3. WASHINGTON — It's a good bet the many pups he's rescued are no more dogged than Mark Greenberg in his pursuit of a seat in Congress. In his long-running campaign to win the 5th District seat currently held by Democratic Rep. Elizabeth Esty, Greenberg 
  4. inverting makes it far easier to siphon profits out of the U.S. into lower-tax (or sometimes non-tax) places. So that even though inverters/deserters will pay U.S. tax, they will pay far less than if they didn't invert. The details are too
  5. Steven Blum, Wharton ethics instructor and author of 'Negotiating Your Investments,' spells out the kind of advisor investors should be looking for. Steven Blum's book "Negotiating Your Investments." Ethics is often seen as skimming off a layer or two

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