The journey of the chirp that proved Einstein right

That discovery, made secretly last fall and revealed in February, would have made a splash if it had simply been the first recording of gravitational waves, something Einstein initially conceived a century before.

But it also marked the first detection of black holes in pairs — orbiting each other before colliding to form a more massive black hole — a cataclysmic event more common than theorists ever dreamed.

For Weiss, it was the culmination of a half-century of work that began with a “thought experiment” he proposed during his one and only semester teaching general relativity. He was just groping for a tangible way to help his students understand what Einstein was talking about without getting lost in his elegant and exceptionally complicated mathematics.

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Sears brand expansion: It seeks DieHard jolt, hopes to clean up with Kenmore

  1. But opponents say they siphon away students and tax dollars from school districts, but with less regulation. According to an Associated Press story in December, the state spent more than $760 million on charter schools The allegedly misused money
  2. Sears Holdings is looking to generate more cash from its trusty Kenmore, Craftsman and DieHard brands than the sale of washers and dryers, tools and car batteries in its own stores. The embattled retailer announced Thursday that it was exploring
  3. WASHINGTON — Although US Air Force and industry officials have repeatedly dubbed reviving Lockheed Martin's F-22 production line as a nonstarter, the service's outgoing chief of staff said Thursday it might not be such a crazy idea after all. Gen.
  4. Davis has said he can't get a developer on board until Oakland and Alameda County strike a deal to put the city in full control of the Coliseum land. But negotiations for the city to ultimately buy out the county's share of the property have sputtered
  5. "Right now, our focus is to repair the siphon and get it back into operation," he said, adding talks will continue with tribal and Interior Department officials to address long-term maintenance and evaluation of the decades-old infrastructure. Since

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