At 20, Amazon continues to defy predictions -

Improbably, Ballmer's prognostication coincided with the exact bottom of Amazon's fortunes. Since he spoke, the stock has risen 42 percent on rebounding revenue growth and even some meager quarterly profits. In its cloud services unit, Amazon Web Services, a Google-initiated price war actually boosted Amazon's fortunes by pushing more chief information officers to take a look at the public cloud, in which Amazon offers the most comprehensive mix of services. AWS is now set to bring in around $5 billion in 2015, with a healthy 17 percent operating margin. It looks, in other words, very much like a real business.

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YouTube will now let companies sell things on any video on its site

  1. A Rye Brook management company wants to buy the former Ridgeway Country Club in White Plains from the French American School of New York and redevelop the property as a golf club. "We are interested in purchasing the property," International 
  2. For YouTube, it's another way to siphon more money from TV ads to digital, with the pitch that these ads can target users who clearly looking to buy a product. "With this type of ad, you're now able to measure your ROI much better than you could on TV
  3. You can buy cider yeast (usually a refrigerated vial) or use ale or wine yeast. I like Nottingham Ale If you buy your juice in a one-gallon glass jug then you don't need to sanitize said jug, because the juice has been pasteurized and thus is
  4. Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology cite the example of poor Indians, who often say it is hard to resist buying sugary tea, a costly treat that brightens up dark days but is not nutritious. In theory, giving
  5. Heckfire, there are even books one can buy if one wants to sip their beery way up one side and down the other of Alaska. It seems that the Last Frontier is even trying to market itself to "beer tourists" who may want to combine a trip to Alaska with

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