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In the news, Nigeria is being schooled by South Africa as it plans to adopt South Africa’s highly controversial, 3-year stalled road use toll-tax. But as can be expected, unlike South Africa, Nigeria did not first revamp its roads before trying to tax the citizens for the “charity.”

Adekunle Oyinloye, Managing Director of The Infrastructure Bank (TIB), announced the proposed tax system in Abuja last Wednesday at the opening of the “Tolled Roads and Road Management: A Sustainable Approach” training which collaborates with South Africa’s Development Bank.

Unlike Nigeria, South Africa’s government first paid for massive upgrades to its road network, accruing more than $2 billion in debt before hosting the 2010 Johannesburg World cup. Despite upgrading the roads ahead of any plans to initiate a toll, the institution of the tolls has been blocked by heavy opposition and protests from South African worker unions and other groups to date.

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Oil smuggling finances Islamic State's new caliphate in Iraq

  1. HBO has marketed HBO Go without requiring subscribers to also buy the big-screen version, and that in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark, the online HBO Go added 380,000 subscribers. In those places, HBO's traditional pay service subs also went up.
  2. Iraqi officials say that in recent weeks the group has transported oil from Qayara to be processed by mobile refineries in Syria into low quality gasoil and gasoline, then brought back for sale in Mosul, a city of two million people. Larger shipments
  3. The tribe paid Bardos $2.8 million for construction projects the tribe was trying to get off the ground. Kovall and Heslop also convinced the tribe to buy 47-acres of land for more than $30 million using a real estate brokerage operated by Peggy Anne 
  4. Each of the mobile platforms have begun marketing in-app purchases and “buy now” options as a way for small businesses to “reduce friction” in online transactions. Facebook and Twitter sales aim to cut out the middleman, and if they are These are
  5. Now he is free to buy as much Iranian fuel as he likes - but for his customers, the price has shot up, almost tripling in a single day from 450 Iraqi dinars per litre to 1250 Iraqi dinars. “My customers are going crazy, asking why the price is so high

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