The Digitally Imported Dial 18: Big Beat

Russia never got the memo that big beat was "dead," so the Russian big beat scene is absolutely thriving and has never stopped. I would say a third of the music on the DI Big Beat channel is from Russia or Eastern Europe. Artists like Mercenary (SPB), [SC]Smash3r, Spy Plastic, Maxim Portnenko, The Synthetic Plastic Worms, The Vack, Under Influence, 3D Stas, Inner, and Secret Sexy Signal, to name a few, have been keeping the genre alive with great fanfare. There is also a huge following in a lot of Latin American countries, especially Mexico and Colombia, so I always try to keep a good amount of

How do i make rave phat pants suspenders?

How do I get rave phat pants suspenders? Or can u help me by telling me were I can buy some? I want to know how I can make my own eulogy phat pants suspenders and think what gives it its shine and I can buy it.If i cannot do you know if I can buy in a store near Downey, California, a Lake wood or know of sites that tell me the stores that are in my area.please someone help me!

Photos by Michael Tullberg.

  1. For example, girls were often penalized for wearing "baby phat" skinny jeans (very popular among the black and latina girls in my high school,) but not American Eagle or Abercrombie skinny jeans of similar cut. Our dress code was so full of potholes
  2. When photographer Michael Tullberg first approached me to edit his upcoming photo book, Dancefloor Thunderstorm: Land of the Free, Home of the Rave, full of images shot during the mid-to-late-'90s heyday of the Los Angeles rave scene, I wasn't sure I 
  3. Brad and Julie Paul prepare chicken on Saturday during BBQ on the Bricks. The festival brought more than 700 people to Downtown Kearney: The Bricks to sample food, enjoy football, eat pancakes and listen to music. Ron Lieske, the event's organizer, 
  4. Best Dressed: Trumpeter Etienne Charles (sideman to Diego Rivera) wore navy blue-and-white polka dot pants, lavender jacket and complementary pocket square, two-toned shoes and a jaunty straw fedora. You better play great if you're gonna wear polka
  5. By the end of the decade, US department stores were dominated by brands launched by the rappers themselves: Phat Farm, launched by Def Jam co-founder Russell Simmons in 1992; Rocawear launched by Jay Z and Damon Dash in 1999, and sold for stripe

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