NYFW Spring '15: Russell Simmons' Argylecutlure

Somehow, against all odds, Russell Simmons has made argyle cool.

The business magnate’s Spring ’15 collection featured colorful, printed vests, plaid shirts and cropped pants, paired with enough thick-framed glasses, bow ties and suspenders to make Steve Urkel jealous. But the overall effect was less Urkel and more urban chic.

In an interview before the event, Simmons said his collection is meant to appeal to young professionals who can’t find the type of clothing they’re looking for in big name department stores.

“Every time you turn on TV the African American kid is wearing an argyle sweater,” Simmons said, noting that despite this it’s almost impossible to find a stylish wool vest in stores. “No one makes a connection that even speaks to this generation, it’s like this whole generation was lost.”

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