Injured Water Birds Find A Safe Haven To Heal And Find Love

"Marvin feels really bad about what happened," says Kim Link, president of the Lebanon domestic duck and goose sanctuary where the couple resides. "He mounted her on land, instead of on water, and broke her wing."

Ducks, Kim explains, have safer sex on water. But Bee has obviously forgiven Marvin, her constant companion since she was rescued and brought here from an unsanitary hoarding situation.

Marvin is a Khaki Campbell duck and Bee is a Khaki Campbell-Indian Runner hybrid. They arrived separately at Majestic Waterfowl, a non-profit woodland sanctuary for abused and abandoned domestic ducks and geese. But when they leave for a permanent home, they will do so together.

Pekin Ducks

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Easter pets are more high-maintenance than prospective buyers may know

  1. It holds material and equipment, from delicately designed paper stock and embellishments to mass production cutting tools, that hobbyists use to create scrapbooks, greeting cards and other paper-based works of art. They're the amateurs who come to buy, 
  2. Other traditional Easter pets, including chicks and ducklings, often suffer the same fate, according to Dr. Stephen Anderson, co-owner of Paws & Claws Animal Hospital in Wilmington. "It does happen. They're buying them on impulse without doing any
  3. Here are eight kinds of poultry you've probably eaten or at least heard of, and what they look like before they get to your plate. This is chicken and THIS is a Pekin duck is the most common commercial duck breed in the U.S.. This is quail and THIS
  4. Where can I buy duck that has not been factory farmed? A. Cooke. Australians wolf down nearly 8 million ducks a year. Most of these are Pekin ducks, the cute white ones with beaks that same strange orange colour teenagers favour for their fake tans
  5. Entrance fees. Exit fees. The way we're getting nickel and dimed from every angle is like being nibbled to death by ducks. Page 2 of 2 - Even when you do buy something, you're immediately harassed into acquiring other useless stuff, no matter the

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