Fashionable Frames for Every Face Shape

A reason to take a break from your contacts! To get some expert eyewear pointers, we spoke to a team of style experts from VSP Vision Care and bebe, who reveal their secrets for selecting the perfect set of frames for every face shape, plus ways to strike the perfect balance between function and fashion. Spry Living: In what way can the right pair of frames take years off your looks? VSP/bebe: The key is finding a frame that fits your face shape and showcases your individual style. While there’s no magic frame that makes you look younger, you can certainly freshen

Pekin Ducks

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Fascinating Origins of Gourmet Foods

  1. I have a rule of thumb when dining out: Order the dish you'd never cook at home. But this Rohan ducks, which Cosme prefers, proved hard to find—I figure Cosme is snapping them up—but I found success with slightly fattier Pekin ducks from Long Island.
  2. Though unpleasant-sounding, truffles are one of the most prized ingredients in European cuisine, and each pound (depending on whether you get white or black truffles) costs thousands of dollars. Because truffles cannot be grown in the In the US
  3. Buying ducklings is no bargain, either; they usually cost twice as much as chicks, sometimes more. Heritage breeds like the Exhibition Rouen, Rouen and Aylesbury ducks Vesecky raises grow more slowly than the more familiar white Pekin. All of his
  4. Let's get caught up with some prep sports news from the holiday season involving the Havana and Pekin girls basketball teams and Downstate 8 Relays boys swimming meet. Best at Beardstown. A duck is a docile creature. The Havana Lady Ducks are 
  5. BOILING SPRINGS — Many waterfowl fly south in the fall to avoid cold and frozen water, but if you head to Boiling Springs in the wintertime, you'll still find hundreds of wild and domestic ducks and geese eager to eat your food. The key to “We

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