Fashionable Frames for Every Face Shape

A reason to take a break from your contacts! To get some expert eyewear pointers, we spoke to a team of style experts from VSP Vision Care and bebe, who reveal their secrets for selecting the perfect set of frames for every face shape, plus ways to strike the perfect balance between function and fashion. Spry Living: In what way can the right pair of frames take years off your looks? VSP/bebe: The key is finding a frame that fits your face shape and showcases your individual style. While there’s no magic frame that makes you look younger, you can certainly freshen

Pekin Ducks

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Tales From the Duckside: The REAL Story Behind Owning #BackyardPoultry

  1. In September 1975, my husband and I sat in our rental car under the spreading branches of a venerable sugar maple tree and decided to buy the 1871 farmhouse in South Amherst known as the Pomeroy Homestead. We vowed to take good care of that gorgeous
  2. You would think I might have learned the first time around when we raised 12 chickens inside last spring, but I must have experienced a case of amnesia, because over the winter I had three medium-sized Pekin ducks take up residence in my living room
  3. Moulards, a special hybrid of duck bred from male Muscovy and female Pekin ducks, strut freely at Isabelle Mihura and her husband Jean-Jacques' Etcheberrigaray's La Ferme Basque de Charlevoix in Saint-Urbain. Foie gras is produced by this couple from 
  4. McClune noted that the family could keep up to five ducks, since planning and zoning officials "prior to 2008, had taken the position that the Code allowed 5 domestic animals on a residentially zoned lot of less than two acres," according to Kahoe's
  5. Entangled in troubles partly of his own making and unable to afford further protracted legal proceedings, Bogardus ultimately decided to sell the property for $1,050 to Isaac Underhill, who “made the purchase with an understanding between himself and

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