Fashionable Frames for Every Face Shape

A reason to take a break from your contacts! To get some expert eyewear pointers, we spoke to a team of style experts from VSP Vision Care and bebe, who reveal their secrets for selecting the perfect set of frames for every face shape, plus ways to strike the perfect balance between function and fashion. Spry Living: In what way can the right pair of frames take years off your looks? VSP/bebe: The key is finding a frame that fits your face shape and showcases your individual style. While theres no magic frame that makes you look younger, you can certainly freshen

Pekin Ducks

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Duck farmer hit by bird flu alert supplies meat for ready meals to Tesco, Lidl ...

  1. Kim and Michael Reese and their 15-year-old daughter, Sophia, helped capture the three ducks Tuesday and took them home to their Rolling Reese Farm in San Jose, where they joined the family's other ducks and chickens. The remaining two Pekin ducks 
  2. Officials have imposed an 'exclusion zone', restricting movement of poultry within six miles of the breeding farm which houses Pekin ducks that produce eggs to be hatched for their meat. .. For sale: One example of a Cherry Valley duck on sale at Tesco.
  3. All proceeds of the sale will go toward funding perpetual trophies for the Inverell and Armidale Poultry Clubs, and the New England Exhibition Poultry Association (NEEPA). Bryan was actively involved in all clubs and had enjoyed incredible success this
  4. An outbreak of the H5 Avian flu virus was reported among the Pekin ducks at the farm on Friday and all 6,000 ducks on the farm will be culled as a measure to stop the spread of the virus. Defra has confirmed a case of avian flu outbreak in a duck
  5. Six thousand Pekin ducks being reared at a farm in East Yorkshire where the outbreak occurred are being slaughtered and incinerated as investigators try to establish how the virus got to the UK.” – Daily Telegraph. “The European Commission has

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