Abandoned duck gets a lift from Easton Farmers Market | Turkeys and Trophies


A white Pekin duck became the unofficial mascot of of the Easton Farmers Market last week after it settled into the fountain at Easton's Centre Square for a few days. Market Director Megan McBride was alerted to the duck's prescence after people posted photos of it on social media. Fortunately for the duck, whose wings might have been clipped,  farmers market intern Peter Todaro has experience working with fowl, having raised ducks on a farm in upstate New York on a previous internship. Todaro, who dubbed it "Sir Edward McQuacken," said it probably had been living in and drinking chlorinated water for a few days — not a healthy option for any animal. Todaro and farmers market worker Brittany Vokoun took the duck to the market office, washed it, fed it and relocated it to Wallens Mountain Farm in  Raubsville.

Pekin Ducks

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Oregon's Cheserek three-peats; U of L seventh

  1. When purchasing chicks, she said, “you need to buy from a reputable hatchery” to secure quality chicks. Light breeds, like the Khaki Campbell, are “really good foragers and egg layers. “In general, heavies are the old established breeds” like the
  2. Cheserek covered the 10,000-meter course in 28 minutes, 45.8 seconds to become the fourth three-time champ in D-I history (joining Washington State's Gerry Lindgren and Henry Rono and former Ducks star Steve Prefontaine). “It means a lot to me,” 
  3. These are primarily mallards, American Pekin ducks, and Muscovy ducks (the ones with the warty red faces). Domestic waterfowl do have a habit of mating around, so don't be surprised to see some strange-looking hybrids. Then we get to wild ducks.
  4. “The book was thoroughly vetted and lawyered,” Wolff said. “We were sued, but we had our ducks in a row, and the plaintiff ended up dropping the suit. “ I will say the Rick Pitino who is portrayed in the book, it was a different era, and he was on
  5. You would think I might have learned the first time around when we raised 12 chickens inside last spring, but I must have experienced a case of amnesia, because over the winter I had three medium-sized Pekin ducks take up residence in my living room

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