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The search for the ultimate Truth seems to be a distant possibility. Scriptures say that this has to be realised in one’s inner self with unshakable clarity as is evident from the lives of saints and realised souls. The difficulty in this case is ignorance of the reality and scriptures illustrate that this ignorance is removed by a guru who is himself a realised soul. But the search for the true guru also is like going for a toss, with plenty of chances of being misled, pointed out Sri O. N. Ravi in a discourse.

Saint Tirumoolar speaks of this dilemma and points out that many who profess to being gurus are not really realised souls and hence are unable to show the light of jnana to the disciples. The result then turns out to be as disastrous as the blind leading the blind. The great poet Neelakanta Dikshitar in his work ‘Kali Vidambanam,’ warns against the flourishing tribe of false gurus who claim to offer spiritual guidance but draw sustenance from the gullible people who are steeped in confusion. It is not merely a saint’s garb and rosary beads that make a guru; it is a truly realised soul who can directly touch and influence another deserving disciple with this jnana that tears apart the ignorance in one’s life. An intense longing for salvation is sure to find guidance in one’s inner self which is the essence of consciousness and bliss.

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Description Beautiful pearl necklace vintage Buddhist mala prayer or shozoiki jyu-zu as they are called in Japanese. beads were first introduced to Japan with Buddhism during the 6th century. The image printing on wood in 1848 included below illustrates the famous Kabuki actor Okawa Hashizo the priest standing before Saigyo Mt Fuji with a string of prayer beads in his left hand. Japanese beads are used to count devotions and are still worn by Buddhist priests and often by lay Buddhists at weddings, funerals and other ceremonies.

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  1. In the introduction Gilbert explains that she has structured the book into 108 brief sections like japa mala beads. Part of the reason is to show the structured The introduction is basically the guru bead, where she thanks those who helped her
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