The tired Tibetan

The predicament of the modern Tibetan is a poignant one: How does one believe in rebirth when the very symbol of that credo – the 14th Dalai Lama – has himself suggested that he may not return to be the 15th Dalai Lama? It is akin to Jesus Christ disowning the dogma of resurrection.

For the past 54 years, ever since his escape from the Chinese forces which invaded his medieval Vatican in 1959, the present Dalai Lama has lived as an aging exile in India. His Holy See lies on the wrong side of the Himalayas, in the foothills above Dharamsala (Kangra district).

Vintage Buddhist Prayer Beads – Buddhism Japanese Mala | The Bead Barn

Description Beautiful pearl necklace vintage Buddhist mala prayer or shozoiki jyu-zu as they are called in Japanese. beads were first introduced to Japan with Buddhism during the 6th century. The image printing on wood in 1848 included below illustrates the famous Kabuki actor Okawa Hashizo the priest standing before Saigyo Mt Fuji with a string of prayer beads in his left hand. Japanese beads are used to count devotions and are still worn by Buddhist priests and often by lay Buddhists at weddings, funerals and other ceremonies.

Mud and Fire returns to the peninsula

  1. His face is serene and his lithe body twists and turns effortlessly as he goes into one complex pose after the other with an almost deceptive ease — the only indication of the effort it entails, the beads of sweat that dot his face and body. His tryst
  2. Mud and Fire returns to Ilwaco this Aug. 6 to 16. Peninsula Clay Artists members will demonstrate their throwing skills and exhibit new work at their annual show and sale 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily at The Artisan, located at 114 Main St. S.W.. The opening
  3. Some were using their own vehicle to get there. The sweat beads on our faces told the story of the difficulty of our journey. The shops with local produce welcomed visitors. Some of the trekkers were busy buying local fruits like peach, papaya, et cetera.
  4. While the socio-spiritual non-profit that's worth Rs 1,500 crore and has centres across India, UK and the United States, waits in limbo, his former chauffeur alleges the guru was poisoned. A man claiming to be his estranged son wants the courts to
  5. When dePaola celebrated his 70th birthday by adding a huge vaulted room to face what he quaintly calls his “front yard,” everything changed for Hechtel, who assumed the role of container-garden guru for the new room's curved brick terrace. “Planting

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