Detention for pair who put on boiler suits and gloves to rob Hilltown shop

Dundee Sheriff Court heard that Ryan Ferrie, 18, and Scott Reid, 20, had entered S&R Newsagents in the Hilltown in July wearing hoodies, boiler suits and latex gloves.

The pair had run out of money but wanted to continue their drink and drug binge, and when Ferrie’s parents refused them cash they drew up the plan to rob the shop.

Sheriff George Way said the offence came during a week-long binge and Ferrie’s actions were not those of a “young person in turmoil” but someone who had been denied money from the bank of mum and dad.

Defending Ferrie, David Duncan said: “He’s sickened and ashamed by his actions.

Classical Gas - For Trials Enthusiasts - More Rules and Regulations

I read on page 38 of the brilliance and expensive "Motorsports Now" is paid from our license fee for the competition we're going to have to carry a spill kit.

I quote: -

1.3.24 medium enterprises spill kit must be available at the beginning of each section. Exceptionally for sports cars and test items which are adjacent to each other one medium-sized enterprises spill kit should be deployed.

9.8.3 All vehicles must have a small spill kit J5.20.13 comply.

80-year-old Irish peace activist battling cancer sent to prison

  1. Mr Murgatroyd, who was dressed in an orange boiler suit and a mask, was attack when he tried to intervene following a disturbance outside the pub. After the hearing, Mr Murgatroyd said: “I am pleased that Smith get such a long sentence. What he did
  2. Wearing a “Guantanamo-style” orange boiler suit D'Arcy told the press in Galway that she intended to go on hunger strike in support of prisoners everywhere and in solidarity for those who had lost their lives, their communities and had their homes
  3. EdisonLearning filed suit in Marion County Court over the issues and an agreement was set up between the two. However, the utility bills remain in dispute. Gary district officials have acknowledged they are responsible for boiler repairs, but said
  4. Dressed in a “Guantanamo-style” orange boiler suit, Ms D'Arcy told reporters in Galway today she intended to abstain from food for an unspecificed length of time in support of prisoners everywhere and in solidarity with all those who had lost their
  5. An armed robbery at a security company's Kent depot was bungled when a loading bay was rammed instead the cash vault, a court heard. The raiders - wielding baseball bats and wearing black boiler suits and masks - were forced to flee empty-handed from 

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